Virtual Assistant Services

Outsource your business needs by hiring a Prompt, Precise & Proficient Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistants provide a wide range of services, including all of your business assistance needs as well as managing your company for you. You select the services you need and just pay for the work that is completed.

We charge an hourly fee that is both cost-effective and competitive, with a minimum price of 1 hour and subsequent charges in 10-minute increments. Simple! You only pay for the job that is requested and accomplished. When compared to the costs of even part-time employees, this is a very cost-effective option.

We charge an hourly fee that is both cost-effective and competitive, with a minimum price of 1 hour and subsequent charges in 10-minute increments. Simple! You only pay for the job that is requested and accomplished. When compared to the costs of even part-time employees, this is a very cost-effective option.

You can focus your time on profit-generating tasks and building your business when you outsource labour, therefore utilising a VA can actually save you money. Alternatively, you may wish to spend more time with your family or relax, or you may realise that you can no longer do everything alone and need to free up time by no longer working weekends or nights.

Our virtual assistance department will assign you an account manager who will assist you in finding a VA that matches your work style, personality, and, of course, the jobs you require. These businesses have realised through time that their clientele prefers experienced VAs with college degrees rather than someone looking for their first job. Finally, we give cost-effective and flexible pricing options. Continue reading to locate a VA service that interests you.
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What would a Virtual Assistant’s main roles be?

A virtual assistant performs administrative tasks from a remote location. A virtual assistant’s responsibilities might range from administrative to technical, depending on their skill set. Virtual assistants may work for themselves or for employment agencies. Some administrative assistants work for a single company, while others work for several.


Why Would Your Business Needs A Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. People are increasingly hiring them for their businesses. It appears that they are here to stay for a long term. Listed below are a few of the reasons why your business needs a virtual assistant and why you should hire one yourself.

  • Improved Utilization of Your Employees
Assume a mid- or senior-level employee had to pick between the following two options:
  1. Participating actively in the development of growth strategies
  2. Daily preparation of regular reports

hire a Virtual assistant

What Would They Decide?

They’d probably choose option #1.
Why? It’s more interesting and appears to be more significant. But that doesn’t imply you can ignore routine tasks like email and budgeting. Without this tedious, repetitive labour, your company would fail. So, how can you keep your in-house employees happy while also completing mundane tasks? Using virtual assistants.

They can handle the majority of the routine jobs that can be completed remotely. The end result? A dedicated employee, who’s probably got more pressing matters to attend to, can give complete focus on more important activities that need to be handled in person at your office.

  • Costing – Reduces Cost Considerably¬†

One of the primary reasons why entrepreneurs and corporations outsource work is to save money and resources.

  • Salary Cost Savings

Instead of hiring a full-time employee for a minor task, consider hiring someone on an hourly basis. However, lower salary isn’t the only method to save money with virtual professionals.

  • Training Cost Savings

A business owner can also save significantly on training costs. After passing the hiring procedure, organisations usually have to train their in-house employees on tasks and duties. All of this takes time and money, which most businesses cannot afford.

However, with virtual assistants, small business owners may hire individuals who are already specialists in their sectors. his manner, a business owner saves time and money on training because they can get started right away.

  • It Saves Time

Another reason that small business owners use virtual assistants is that it saves them a TON of time. We are all aware that time is money, particularly in business. Assume you own a tiny business with no HR department. Your personnel should not spend hours posting job advertisements, conducting preliminary resume screening, and preparing an interview process for an entry-level position. Why not avoid all of this and hire an expert to do specific tasks?

This is what you’ll get from virtual assistants

  • You’ll have vetted professionals at your disposal in no time.
  • They save time because you don’t have to spend time teaching them.
  • They will complete the work faster than someone juggling many requests because they can focus solely on the tasks for which they were employed. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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Data Entry Service

  • Time and Cost Efficient Data Entry Clerk
  • Accurate Working Mechanism
  • Highly Competitive Working Team
  • Data Gathering and Importing Service
  • Data Entry from Images
  • Manual Web Scraping Services
  • Research Based Tasks
  • Administrative Task Management

Product Hunting & Adding

There are a lot of different methods to launch a product, and Product Hunt is just one of them.

  • Ebay Product Hunting
  • Ebay Product Adding
  • Amazon Product Hunting
  • Amazon Product Adding
  • Shopify Product Hunting and Adding
  • Oberlo Product Searching

Website Handling

  • Content Adding and Managing
  • Maintaining Website
  • Browser Compatibility Testing
  • Basic SEO
  • Website Backups
  • Keep Track of Customers
  • Analysis Data

Customer Support

  • Zendesk Support Chat Service
  • Email Support Chat Service
  • Fluently English Speaking Customer Support Service

Virtual Email Support

  • Cold Email Marketing
  • Welcome Emails
  • Email Newsletters
  • Customised Emails
  • Lead Nurturing Emails
  • Sponsorship Emails
  • Transactional Emails
  • Re-engagement/Follow Up Emails
  • Video Emails

Social Media Assistance

  • Daily Post Creation
  • Paid Advertisement
  • eCommerce Optimization
  • Complete Brand Control
  • Better Online Exposure
  • High Search Rankings
  • Specific Audience Targeting
  • Improved Customer Reach
  • Enhanced Customer Trust
  • Multiple Marketing Options

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